Artistic Imposter Syndrome

I’ve never considered myself an real artist. As a person who’s father and grandfather are classically trained and practiced most of their lives to produce great work in varied mediums, I’m sure as hell not qualified enough to be one. But still, I silent hoped that one day I could be able to produce anything that would could stand next to real art. My definition of an artist has always been someone who saw life in colorful spectrum that made them capable of pulling the beauty out of the mundane things. They are pretty much magical creatures. In world so full of ordinary, artist create the extraordinary. And I’d never quite seen my ability to do so.
Prior to starting this blog, I was advised by a friend that I should really learn all the different parts I share or want to share with everyone. Whether being my writing or photography, it was imperative that I practice. I got the opportunity to practice my photograph on a gorgeous model named Maryse and the result is something I never thought I could have produced. Moody and beautiful, Maryse brought to life my vision in a way that I could only imagine.
Now, I look forward to creating more images and maybe earning my place as a “real” artist. Check out more of this beautiful woman here.

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