I started this blog about eight years ago as a simple WordPress to help navigate my feelings. Posts were sporadic but extremely therapeutic. They also weren’t public knowledge. They were a way for me to write it out. Written words have always made more sense to me more than my feelings or even actually speaking to people. I never looked at it as a gift or talent but rather a form of communication that I could control.

In an effort to avoid doing any actual work in high school, I would occasionally pull pieces from my secret blog and share them for class discussions. It wasn’t until I saw how relatable my words were that I ever thought about opening up my mind baby to world.

After numerous pep talks and some bribery, I launched Question & Ansah on July 1st 2017. Named after my Instagram and play on my family name, it has slowly and surely turned into a digital diary.

Documenting my highs, lows, and incompletes, Q&A is just a space to show how a suburban Black girl from a Ghanaian immigrant family is navigating her creative identity. It will always be authentically me, as it is the only thing that is completely my own.

About M. Ansah

Maame Yaa Ansah is a blogger and content creator with a passion for bringing out the beauty of people of color in ordinary life.

Growing up between the United States and her homeland of Ghana, representation of people that looked her were either nonexistent and most often not accurate.

Through written word and strong imagery, she aims to normalize her culture and those around that have been so often shut out or misrepresented.

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