Love Sober

The funny thing about falling in love with someone is that it never seems to be at the right time. It’s never rehearsed, never calculated. We don’t sit and consciously plan and scheme ourselves into falling deeply and utterly in love with someone who just popped into our lives – but yet it happens.

I could never explain what it feels like to fall in love to someone – I really can’t. The only thing that comes to mind are terrible clichés about stars aligning and butterflies that flutter in the pit of one’s stomach. Though I’m sure all those things and more happened, no one cares to explain what happens after the fairytale feelings pass. Cinderella and Snow White never quite explored the possibility of the passing of love or even unrequited love.

No one explains how to manage holding his or her tongue to feelings that can’t help but leak out. There isn’t a book on how to maintain a friendship with someone you can’t help but hate and love at the same time. People will never understand how a person could possibly run one situation over and over in their mind until it becomes so vivid that they don’t even have to close their eyes to imagine it.

No, no one explains anything. A person is forced to deal, to take each day as it is handed to them and figure out their problems in private. No one begs anyone to fall in love so no one can help him or her out of it.


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